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Invest in Something You Care Deeply About

Your Donation Helps Preserve Our Elegant and Historical Home

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Thank you for your decision to give your donation online to DACOR Bacon House Foundation. Please consider a recurring gift. Your contribution can have a bigger impact, especially if you can give monthly and increase the size of your overall gift, allowing you to pay affordable amounts over the course of the year.

Your donation will be utilized in some of the following ways for our beloved House:


Critical because of the responsibility we have to protect the many historical aspects of the House:

  • The treasured spaces
  • The unique architectural features
  • The valuable art work and invaluable memorabilia


Critical because of the need to keep the House up-to-date for the benefit of our members and guests:

  • Installation of new audio and visual systems to ensure functionality of the event space
  • Addition of energy conservation features that can save money and the environment
  • Replacement of aging operating systems, such as pipes and wires, that can cause hazards to the House


Critical because of the many, sometimes mundane, aspects of keeping up a 200 year-old House which are actually critical to its preservation. Examples include:

  • Carpentry work that fixes small problems before they become big
  • Masonry work that protects our walls from deterioration
  • Repair and replacement of furnishings to maintain the House's elegance.

YOUR CONTRIBUTION MATTERS! Every dollar you donate to the DACOR Bacon House Foundation is an investment in our "home away from home" and will keep our beloved House in the best condition for our current members and those who will enjoy the House in the future. ALL DONATIONS ARE TAX DEDUCTIBLE.